Green space in Ward Metis with a no sign overtop of the words no lawn signs. Shows Salar Melli Ward Metis candidate garbage free campaign

actions speak louder than words

Why aren’t there any Salar Melli lawn signs? Simply put, I’m an environmentally conscientious person in my daily life. When I did the math of how many signs and pamphlets I would need to have made to reach everyone in Ward Métis, it was an extensive number. Combine that with the other 67 candidates that are currently running as a city councillor or mayoral candidate, and it’s a huge number of signs, pamphlets, papers, and plastic waste that will be created over the election campaigns.

I also believe that we don’t have to do things the same way they’ve always been done to get results. This is a philosophy that I will be taking with me into city hall as well.

I’m dedicated to reducing the amount of waste my campaign contributes to our city’s garbage and recycling system, which is why you will find most of my information online, on my website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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