Platform as your Ward Métis Edmonton councillor

Salar Melli

“I’m not afraid of being wrong. I have so many ideas and I’m not afraid to put them all out there until we get the perfect solution”

My top priority as your Ward Métis Edmonton councillor is to be available to listen to the suggestions and concerns of my constituents. Exciting results happen when there is an exchange of diverse ideas, and it is extremely important to me that the citizens of my Ward know that I am easily reachable. When elected, I will open up a constituency office in Ward Métis so that I am readily available to meet with fellow members of my community. Ward Métis has a diverse population, and I believe that the best way to represent its residents is to prioritize engaging with and listening to them.
I am already one of the most accessible candidates, having opened up 1-on-1 appointment slots throughout the week, taking calls, and setting up meetings everyday.
As a councillor, I will always return constituents’ calls and hear out their concerns.


Ward Métis has various communities, some of which contain more vulnerable populations, and some of which are more prosperous. While poverty may not be visibly seen in some of our more affluent neighbourhoods, it still has a far-reaching effect. People experiencing financial hardship is an issue that everyone should be concerned about; poverty affects us all, whether directly or indirectly.

I propose increased patrolling for some areas as a short-term solution.
Following the examples of organizations like REACH Edmonton and their Access Network, the City needs to harmonize existing social services so as to streamline the process for getting the appropriate services to the right places.

We need a tailor-made approach when mobilizing and expanding on our existing social services to address the needs of each unique individual. Instead of a one-size-fit all approach, our long-term efforts need to include going deeper into identifying the root causes of the challenges facing individuals.

Setting up tiny-home communities with essential services such as food, social programs, medical support, apparel that can be borrowed for job interviews, and other necessities.

I acknowledge that these solutions may be costly. That being said, we should take advantage of available technologies, such as 3D printed houses, to offset costs while finding concrete solutions.

Edmonton already has housing-first initiatives, and I’d love to expand on these to help get more people into homes as they get back on their feet.

Addressing problem properties is of paramount importance when creating neighborhoods that people feel safe in. Enforcing some of the already existing bylaws will be a fantastic place to start.

Acting on End Poverty Edmonton’s recommendations, including working towards affordable housing, finding ways to increase low incomes, and growing the economy as a whole.


Environmental consciousness is very important to me, which is why I made the decision to go paperless for my campaign. I want to inspire better environmental behaviours in individuals, small businesses, and corporations by incentivizing the installation of solar power panels, the use of renewables, improved waste management, going paperless where possible, going plastic-free where possible, and water conservation. 

Expanding on electrical vehicle development and solar panel incentives.

Improving the new waste collection system with more frequent pick-up dates for yard waste in order to better serve our Ward’s waste collection needs.

Expanding on waste collection in order to more effectively recycle by separating paper, glass, and plastic.

Pushing for our bus fleets to be 100% electric by 2025.

We are the campaign with the lowest environmental footprint, focusing on online platforms as opposed to lawn signs and flyers. The success of our campaign will be clear proof that we need to move away from paper and plastic waste with our political campaigns.

Preserving the River Valley and our green spaces is very important to me, I believe we can create plenty of housing in our core communities without sacrificing the natural beauty of Edmonton.

Building relationships with grassroots organizations such as the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society to stay informed on issues that affect our green spaces.

It’s important to ensure that we support programs like the City’s current initiatives encouraging Edmontonians to garden more and protect our biodiversity.

Being more open minded when it comes to technologies, such as small modular reactors and nuclear power. Currently, nuclear power is the only source of energy that can meet our energy demands while producing 0 emissions at the same time.


Artists help to make our communities vibrant and rich. Art brings our city to life, and can make a difference in whether someone chooses to live here or not. We want to build upon existing local arts investment programs, and create new ones. Nurturing our special relationships with Edmonton artists is of the utmost importance: when our artists feel valued by their communities, it inspires them and helps them to thrive.

100% of the art displays in our City should be completed by local artists. For example, instead of hiring a Los Angeles architectural firm for the Talus Domes, we should commission local artists so we can reinvest in our art scene and nurture Edmonton talent.

EPL has done a wonderful job creating resources for our communities, such as making recording studios available via booking. Right now, you have to book months in advance, so I would like to bolster these and similar services so they become more accessible.

Advertise and expand on opportunities such as The Small Sparks Fund to hire local artists for block parties and for supporting community arts.


Edmonton is a melting pot community, and we can utilize our diversity to attract tourism and investment. By celebrating our differences and fostering a vibrant multicultural environment, we will cultivate a colourful community where people of all cultures and backgrounds can come together to experience the exceptional variety our city has to offer.

I want to make sure that we are reaching different ethnic communities in Ward Métis Edmonton effectively, so they can take advantage of City initiatives and opportunities for projects and events showcasing their unique heritage.

Making sure that the voices and input from all of our multicultural constituents are heard by the City when making decisions.

Creating a City that is welcoming to newcomers, so they can thrive and be a driving force in the future of Edmonton. For example, every newcomer could receive a package from the City that outlines available services and resources in Edmonton such as EPL, language learning opportunities, and financial literacy materials.

Cultivating a city where those from all backgrounds feel welcome by standing firmly against racism and by creating opportunities for all to thrive.


A significant portion of Ward Métis is made up of industrial parks containing various businesses and industries, and these industrial parks generate substantial revenue for our city. Attracting innovation, new technologies, and diversity of manufacturing into our industrial areas ensures that profits are recirculated within our local economy. 

Create incentives for local companies to design local alternatives for services such as ride-sharing and food delivery, so that money can be reinvested in our local economy (currently, a significant amount of Edmonton’s takeout delivery and ride-sharing revenues is going to companies outside of Canada).

Being mindful of technologies such as driverless cars when we invest in public transit. We can leverage technology to make existing services much cheaper and more convenient.

Making sure talented individuals see Edmonton as holding exciting futures for them as opposed to moving to other places. Not being able to retain our talent in the City is incredibly costly.

We have some of the most skilled workforce available in Alberta who are having a hard time finding jobs. We need to actively research ways to create jobs by transferring skills already existing in the workforce into where they can be utilized while providing extra training where needed in order to get people into sectors with growing demand.

We need to be open minded when it comes to technologies, such as small modular reactors and nuclear power. Currently, nuclear power is the only source of energy that can meet our energy demands while producing 0 emissions at the same time.

We need to ensure grants are not left on table by more effectively advertising these opportunities and making applications accessible.


I want to ensure that all of our residents feel safe and included in our communities in Ward Métis Edmonton, regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, politics, or religion. Edmonton’s diversity is part of what makes our city unique, and it is essential that all citizens feel supported and heard.

As a city councillor of Ward Métis Edmonton, I will always conduct myself in ways that are inclusive to everyone. With every decision and proposal, I will also be mindful of the consequences of my choices on our marginalized communities.

If I witness prejudice or discrimination of any kind, I will always call it out as that is unacceptable.

Our City must work hard to raise awareness around marginalized communities, so Edmontonians are aware and educated on the challenges these groups may face. I support the City’s initiatives on Respect in the Workplace, and would love to see similar programs being advertised further for people to use.

Working with groups like End Poverty Edmonton to take action in fighting racism and working towards true reconciliation.


We should create a city where no one is left behind. I want to work towards an Edmonton where regardless of your challenges and needs, you can thrive and live life to the fullest.

We need to make sure transportation is accessible for seniors. There’s been a lot of technological advances in terms of transportation, such as driverless and electric vehicles, and we need to stay ahead of the curve. We can work with currently available services, such as ETS’s On Demand Transit, to improve transportation to suit the needs of our seniors.

Providing incentives for business owners and landlords to make their buildings more accessible for people with disabilities. By working with organizations such as Alberta Ability Network and Voice of Albertans with Disabilities, we can make sure the City is aware of the challenges these individuals face so we can effectively address these concerns in Ward Métis Edmonton. 


I propose we end the use of photo radar for monitoring traffic. They aren’t much of a deterrent for speeding and they cost drivers a disproportionate amount of money. I don’t agree with “traps” to punish our citizens. With such a low threshold to trigger a ticket, and speed limits that change continually on a single road, it’s not an effective way to deal with speeding, only a way to trap our law abiding citizens into unjust fines.