Ward Métis

What ward number is Ward Métis? This is a common question that I’ve been getting from my constituents. When the current council renamed the wards, the ward boundaries were also redrawn. So it’s not a simple as swapping out a number for a new name.

Ward Métis & Ward 7
The bottom section of ward 7 has become part of Ward Métis. The North & South boundaries from Yellowhead Trial to the North Saskatchewan River of ward 7 are now part of Ward Métis.

Ward Métis & Ward 8
The Eastern half of Ward 8 has become another piece of Ward Métis. From the Millcreek Ravine to the city boundary is now part of Ward Métis.

Ward Métis & Ward 11
A small Northern piece from Ward 11 now makes up the bottom section of Ward Métis. The Western border follows Millcreek Ravine to Argyll road, and turns South at 91 street to the Canadian National Railway. The Canadian National Railway then completes the Southern border of Ward Métis.

So you can see, that there isn’t a simple answer to the question of what ward number is Ward Métis? However, I hope that the maps my team created that are on this page help you to better see the new ward and it’s boundaries. If you want more information on how the ward names were chosen, click here to watch the video made by the City of Edmonton.